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[23 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

I should admit, I didn’t read the Glassfish 3.1 Administration Manual, and I don’t know if this is documented. Anyway the main problem appeared when I tried to connect on my cluster instances with admin credentials. If I connect with VisualVM or JConsole to Domain Administration Server (DAS) on 8686 I don’t have any problem. When I’m trying to connect to my cluster instances on port 28686 with admin credentials I get from JConsole

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[6 May 2010 | 6 Comments | ]

I searched over internet, on several tens of posts, to find how to delete a crashed Innodb table. Short story: I tried to import a big table but it crashed in the middle of the process (power failure). The table was not very important so I didn’t care about the table, I just want to delete it and start from the scratch, but surprise! The table cannot be deleted! I use the latest MySQL Innodb plugin from Debian backports repository (is coming with Debian 5.1.xx) with file per table …

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[22 Oct 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

After successfully install of ESXi 3.5 server, my datastore1 disappeared unexpectedly after first or second reboot. Is possible to be because of my “hacks” in “Advanced Settings”, but I’m not very sure about that. Looking in /var/log/messages I spotted some very strange errors:

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[13 May 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

Gpg is stands for Gnu Privacy Guard and is a free alternative to the PGP cryptographic software. GnuPG (or GPG) follows the RFC 4880 which is the standard specification of OpenPGP. The most important thing GPG is interoperable with PGP. GPG is build as a command line utility but also have several front-ends for KDE, Gnome and other Linux desktops, but also is directly integrated in other software like: Email Clients as Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, Kmail, Instant Messaging as PSI, Fire, Browsers as Mozilla Firefox etc.

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[7 Apr 2009 | 8 Comments | ]

We discussed in our early article “Linux ISC DHCP Server under Debian and Ubuntu” how to configure a plain standard ISC DHCP server. In today article we will discuss about ISC DHCP failover. In small networks haveing 1 single DHCP server is a common thing, but in a medium or large computer network 1 single DHCP server is a single point of failure. When the DHCP server goes offline your workstation, or any other network device, lose their network connectivity and this can transform in a big problem for your …